Best Vein Finder For Nurses 2021 Reviews

Did you know that the best Vein finder can become a lifesaver for those patients who have complicated veins? Some experts even say that the vein finder is like a blessing in disguise in the hands of a caregiver for those people who bear a lot of pain just because of having bad veins. Similarly, a vein finder is a flashlight for complicated veins. It helps the caregiver to easily locate the vein’s position.

However, finding the best vein finder is not an easy task. Because you may easily get confused when it comes to buying the best vein finder in the presence of several ordinary products in the market. In this scenario, a helping article and product reviews can make it easy for you.

Best Vein Finder 2021

A vein finder is a device that makes a lot of things easier for caregiving professionals when it comes to finding the veins easily and quickly. Its importance can be realized easily in emergencies when every single moment counts to save lives. Further, it is the most threatening situation for those patients who are at the dangerous stage of their life due to bear the pain of injection again and again. Therefore, to save your patients from the pain of the needless needle, you should have the best vein finder.

Think about it: make the right choice for the life of your dependents.

In this article, we are providing you complete detail and instructions about the best vein finder for nurses. Read them carefully and get the best products of your all-time.

Best Vein Finder Comparison Table



Vivo light Infrared Vein Finder ????? Check Latest


UMTEC Vein Finder ????? Check Latest


Vein Sight Vein Finder ????? Check Latest


IVYRISE Infrared Vein Finder ????? Check Latest


Vein lite LEDX ????? Check Latest


Respironics Vein Finder ????? Check Latest


VINO Optics Oxy

????? Check Latest


Vein lite EMS PRO ????? Check Latest


Neonatal Tran’s illuminator

????? Check Latest


Vein lite LEDX Vein Finder ????? Check Latest

Best Vein Finder For Nurses Reviews 2021

 1.   Vivo light Infrared Vein Finder- with floor stand

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  • Latest technology
  • Different working modes
  • Durable battery
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy to assemble
  • FDA verified
  • A little bit expensive

FDA infrared vein finders are assembled to enhance vascular access Medicare standards and proper care of patients. Its non-invasive feature helps to get an image of veins at the skin.

Further, the auxiliary high-tech gadget helps to get a clear image reliably due to its NIR technology. Its economic price and different 5 modes of operations make it a perfect and valuable instrument for nurses or other medical professionals. Now let us check what are the things it unique and best than vein finders of its generation.

Firstly, the unique depth detection mode among 5 different modes of working gives it the unique quality of getting the exact location of vein for performing vascular access easily. And also it gives a quality image of veins even after their bad conditions. Secondly, it is highly useful in Operation Theater because of its rolling stand.  The rolling stand makes it moveable. Further, the adjustable hook allows you to get the right image of veins from different parts of the body.

Product detail:

  • Item Weight:                                                  3.31 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:                                           21.6 pounds
  • Batteries:                                                            1 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Brightness:                                                         Adjustable brightness
  • Infrared wavelength:                                        940nm & 850nm
  • Optimal imaging distance:                              210nm±30nm
  • Power source:                                                     Rechargeable Lithium battery or AC Image resolution: 856*480
  • Handheld Vein Finder Main Weight:            430 grams
  • Floor stand:                                                         9KG
  • Main Unit Dimension:                                      213mm*65mm*62mm
  • Main unit with Floor Stand Dimension:        750mm*220mm*670mm

Key Features:

 NIR technology: 

NIR technology throws the image of veins at the surface of the skin.

 Different modes: 

By default, it has five different working modes which are Greenlight mode, pediatrate mode, depth detection mode, simple basic mode, and adjustable brightness facility.

 Depth analyzing mode: 

The depth mode among all the five increase its worth and gives a clear dark image of the veins.

 Adjustable brightness mechanism: 

You can change the brightness of the instrument to get light or dark images of veins.

 Adjustable hook: 

It allows you to adjust the instrument’s position at the desired angle by simply varying the hook’s angle.

 Floor stand: 

Floor stand makes it moveable and delivers you the extra height for perfect focus.

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 2.   UMTEC Vein Finder- Hand-Held

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  • Hand-hold
  • Safe in use
  • Reduce the injection pain
  • For all types of skins
  • Non-contact visualizing
  • two -working modes
  • Little bit expensive

The infrared veins detector is the most productive instrument for nurses. It has a Trans illuminator vein locator and illumination lights that enhance its proficiency in the process of detection. Further, it is a non-contact visualizing instrument of a subcutaneous vein, and the internal battery empowers it.

While a helping light shows the position of subcutaneous veins on the surface of the skin. You can also detect the veins at the backhand by transmitting a red light through the palm of the hands and raises the success rate of injection.

Product Detail:

  • Product Dimensions:                             3.2 x 3 x 0.6 inches; 3.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:                                     2.4 pounds
  • Item model number:                             UMTEC-ZD001
  • Batteries:                                                   1 AAA batteries required. (Included)
  • Application Area:                                    wide applications

Key Features:

 Patent product: 

It is widely used as IV Phlebotomy and most suitable for babies.

 Image optimization: 

Adjustable brightness, widest opening, portable Vein lite, and high accutare increase the image quality altogether.

 Imaging modes: 

Two types of imaging modes red and green, and blue and white help to take clear visualization of the veins’ image at the surface of the skin.

 Cold light: 

This cold medical light is safe for your eyes and health. Even you can enjoy sleep because it operates comfortably.

 Portable size: 

You can carry it along with you at any place due to handhold stem and lightness in weight.

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 3.   Vein Sight Vein Finder – FDA Cleared

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  • Quality image
  • Lightweight
  • Safe in use
  • Radiation free
  • Professional as well as maternity care device
  • No shortcomings

Infrared vein sight vein locater is an FDA verified instrument with featuring illumination detector, light projection, and mobile support. Therefore, it is a perfect and productive device for all types of medical professionals. It works effectively for all the types of skins and tissues. While, the working mechanism of Vein sight finger is simple and easy. Its light absorbs quickly in the surrounding tissue while getting off the image of a required vein.

While also the mobile support and moving coasters make it extremely useful, moveable, and agile in performance. You can also adjust every single feature with the help of a remote sensing mechanism. It is highly recommended and applicable to all types of patients like Edea Patients, old patients, Dark skin, infants, and to plastic surgery and vascular surgery.

Product Detail:

  • Product Dimensions:                             30 x 52.1 x 23.1 cm
  • Infrared Light Wavelength:                    850 nm
  • Light Radiation:                                        No
  • Battery Lithium-ion Battery:                  3.6V, 4300mAh
  • Continuous Run Time:                             5 hours
  • Battery Charge Time:                              3 hours
  • AC Power Supply:                                     100-240VAV, 50-60Hz, 0.4A
  • Battery Charge Power:                            5VDC, 2A
  • Best Imaging Distance                           7.8″±2″

Key Features:

 Guidance for Vein: 

It delivers a clearer image of a vein. Further, it helps you to find the position of the damaged part of the vein. Lastly, it allows you to find the depth of the vein.

 DF2 technology and HD imaging: 

This instrument is also ideal for different care purposes such as blood/plasma centers, surgery centers as well as for maternity health care duties.


Due to its lightweight, you can take it easily everywhere without any problem. So it is extremely useful for traveling nurses.

 Radiation free: 

It is a hundred percent radiation-free and verified by FDA.

For getting this magical product, click on the following link.

 4.   IVYRISE Infrared Vein Finder – Best In Infrared

No products found.

  • Radiation free
  • Various observing mode
  • Safety for eyes
  • Adjustable mechanism
  • Easy to access
  • For all types of skin.
  • Little heavy

This vein finder contains the Vein detector, locator, and illuminator and visualization light for IV Phlebotomy. Further, a portable Tran’s illuminator helps the doctor and nurse. While talking about its functions, it shows a clear image of subcutaneous veins with the help of an illuminator, detector, and locator.

So its efficiency helps the doctor and nurses to perform well and do their best in the medical process. You can use it on various parts of the body like legs, feet, back, head, and neck to check the vein’s location and depth. Similarly, it is productive and helpful to examine all types of tissues and skins. Lastly, 3 different detection colors and a cold light provide safety to your eyes.

Product details:

  • Effective positive projection distance:                   29cm~31cm
  • Light projection:                                                         300lux~1000lux
  • Active radiation contains wavelength light:         750nm~980nm
  • Electrical source:                                                        lithium-ion polymer batteries
  • Service voltage:                                                           D.C. 3.0V~4.2V
  • Net weight:                                                                   0.28±0.02kg
  • Prevent into the liquid level:                                     IPX0
  • Package Weight:                                                          1.5kg
  • Packing size:                                                                22*26*30cm
  • Package-Contents:                                                      1 * Hand Held Infrared Vein Finder

Key Features:

 Two working modes: 

White/blue and green/red imaging combinations help you to get a clear image either by throwing dark or light visualizations color.

 Adjustable quality: 

Image quality can be optimized easily by altering the brightness, wide-opening, and highly accuracy for easier access to subcutaneous veins.


It can perform well on all types of skins and tissues. Further, it helps to find various vascular positioning complexities.

 Cold Light and color: 

The three different colors and a cold light provide safety to the eyes against harmful rays.

Do not waste your money anymore and get this fine product for your fine career.

 5.   Vein lite LEDX – LED Trans illuminator

No products found.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to access
  • Light-shield
  • Adjustable feature
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expensive

This vein finder is the most powerful and unique portable Trans illuminator. While featuring a larger opening and viewing area and 32 LEDs. 32 LEDs are ideal devices for obese patients due to having a deeper focus. Similarly, it offers 8 red LEDs and 24 oranges for producing the full contrasting imaging for better treatment of sclerotherapy. Also, these LEDs give a clear veins’ image in chubby people.

Further, its deeper focus and strong LED intensities facilitate fine visualization of varicose, deeper and feeder, and spider veins. Lastly, the large area provides an extra surface to find the exact position of veins.

Product Detail:

  • Package Dimensions:                            9.7 x 6.9 x 2.2 inches
  • Item Weight:                                         1.35 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:                                  1.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer:                                       Vein lite
  • LEDs:                                                       32 bright light-emitting diodes

Key Features:

 Wider Area: 

A large area of illumination provides an extra surface to find the exact position of veins,

 Tran’s illuminator: 

It’s powerful and unique Trans illuminator illuminates the veins position.

 Deeper focus: 

A unique combo of orange and red LEDs and depth detection of portable Vein lite give a quality image of various veins belonging to different parts of the body.

 Adjustable brightness: 

You can also alter the contrast for getting a dark or light visualization.

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 6.   Respironics Vein Finder – Best For Children

No products found.

  • Wee sight
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • LEDs
  • Safety-shield
  • Easy to access
  • Only for babies


This wee sight vein finder uses a LED of the strong intensity of the light for better visualization and finding the exact position of small veins in infants’ small limbs for easy insertion of IV instead of emitting heat. So, a quality visualization assists in reducing the needless attempts for productive results.

Further, its right to fit shape identifies the babies’ tiny limbs easily and performs well in locating the veins. Also, the cool light keeps the babies safe from harmful lights and their burning impacts. Finally, its small size and light-weight allow the professionals to use the transmitter and illuminator and initiate the process of IV.


  • Brand Name:                            POLYMER TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS, INC
  • Item Weight:                             3.88 ounces
  • Shipping Weight:                      4 ounces
  • Part Number:                            Wee Sight
  • UNSPSC Code:                         41100000
  • Ideal For:                                  Infants

Key Features:

 Strong LED: 

It helps in getting better imaging to reduce needless attempts. So it gives proficiency in your work

 Right to fit: 

The ergonomic design helps it shapes to position very easily around tiny limbs of babies.


Cool lights protect babies from the harmful impacts of the rays.

 Easy to use: 

Its small size and lightweight helps the caregiver to use it single-handedly while initiating IV.

After the key features, it is mandatory to tell you about its pros and cons.

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 7.   VINO Optics Oxy – Vein Lens Blank

No products found.

  • UV protective
  • Vein-enhancement
  • eye-wear
  • Not useful for color-blind people

Most people see the lens as a protective eyewear. But it also works in solving medical related problems. Vino Optics oxy lens help the professionals to locate or identify the symptoms of veins clot or its position. Oxy lens is 1,5mm thick and uncut lenses of 6-base curvature. So it is a great helper for paramedics who wish to have increase vision of veins, pallor, cyanosis, rashes, oxygenation, and erythema in the frame of their own choice.

Veins appear fluorescent in color. Not only they help you in finding the location of veins, but also they provide you safety from the sun and UV rays. The most important thing about the lens is that they have no special lights, no wires, nor batteries. So, in the end, it gives you protection and productivity in vein finding for all time.

Product Detail:

  • Shipping Weight:                      1 pounds
  • Material:                                   Polycarbonate
  • Diameter:                                 6-base or 8-base curvature
  • Width:                                      2mm thickness
  • Shape:                                      Uncut
  • Usage:                                      Dual-use
  • Main feature:                            Vein-enhancement, UV-protective

Key Features:

 EMT uncut vein lenses: 

This uncut lenses is especially used for pediatric care.


Protective eyewear, Sun wear, and vein-enhancement in day time for outdoor paramedic use.

 Perception of vein: 

It amplifies beautifully in perception of veins, pallor, rashes, oxygenation, and erythema.

 UV protection: 

They also give you protection from sun rays and UV rays by limiting their intensities.

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 8.   Vein lite EMS PRO – Tran’s illuminator Vein Finder

No products found.

  • Compact in size
  • Affordable
  • comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Quality illumination facility
  • Clear imaging
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Expensive but essential

Vein lite has several types of vein finders that are specially made both for medical persons as well as home usage. Now let’s check what are the things make it worth able and unique in its features. Firstly, this vein finder is portable and affordable. Secondly, you can use it both for infants and adults. Thirdly, the device is simple in use, you can only switch the power button. Fourthly, it has a long-lasting battery duration because of having double AA batteries.

Fifthly, the c-shaped opening has embedded with 24 LEDs at the top of the handle. It contains the best-finding. Devices i.e. Vein lite EMS PRO, Vein lite PEDI, and Vein lite LED. It is ideal for emergency usage. Its white exam light optimal area of illumination performs well on all age patients. Finally, it is designed to enable doctors, EMS personnel, and nurses to perform fast and easy vein access.

Product Detail:

  • Number of LEDs:                                  24 (12 Orange + 4 Red + 8 white)
  • Number of Switches:                             1
  • Inside Ring Diameter:                           21mm
  • Battery Charger:                                    No
  • Batteries:                                              2xAA Alkaline
  • Battery Life:                                         550 minutes continuous
  • Pediatric Adapter:                                 Included
  • Light Shield:                                         Included
  • Weight:                                                59.2 gm (without battery)
  • Weight:                                                108.2 gm (with battery)
  • Dimensions:                                          115mm x 55mm x 21mm

Key Features:

 Easy to access: 

Due to its portable size, it is very easy to take it anywhere.

 Simple way of use: 

You can just simple turn of or on the power button. Besides with it works automatically.


24 LEDs provide you strong detection facility to find the exact position of the vein and other problems related to the vein.

 High-tech devices: 

The best finding devices Vein lite EMS Pro, Vein lite PEDI, and Beinlite LED gives you clear imaging of veins at the surface of the skin

After the key features, now let’s check its positive and negative aspects to know more about this product.

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 9.   Neonatal Tran’s illuminator – Baby Vein Finder

No products found.

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Four illuminators
  • Bright safety light
  • Chord may create problems.

The Venoscope Neonatal Trans illuminator vein finder is a good option for the nurses who mostly do their work in NICU or ICU. Its illumination area is a little small in size, having four LEDs linked to the main body through a cable. The small area is specially designed to illuminate the little limbs of infants or young children. Further, the advanced version of this category has a unique detachable cord that helps to limits the breakage of the unit which is the common failure point of older versions.

If the cord breaks, you can replace it with the new one. Most importantly, the Neonatal vein finders limit the chances of anxiety, trauma, and stress of patients as well as the professionals. Lastly, it can work effectively on fatty tissues, and give satisfying results in finding the position of small veins. Overall, the Neonatal is an ideal device for newborn babies.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions:                                Head – 1″ L x .5″ W x .63″ D
  • Shipping Weight:                      3.2 ounces
  • Battery Operated                       (3 AA – not included)
  • Batteries:                                    2xAA Alkaline
  • Battery Life:                               550 minutes continuous
  • Pediatric Adapter:                     Included
  • Light Shield:                              Included
  • Weight:                                      59.2 gm (without battery)
  • Weight:                                     108.2 gm (with battery)
  • Warranty:                                 One year warranty.
  • Weight:                                    6 oz. (170 gm)

Key Features:

 Small illuminator size: 

This handheld small illuminating device easily adjusts to the newborn babies hands.

 Bright Light: 

Illuminator produces bright light of low intensity that does not burn the skin of infants;

 3AAA battery: 

The quality batter having 3aaa power that makes it long-lasting. So you can easily use it indoor or outdoor.

 Safety light: 

Its bright light works as a safety light that provides maximum protection from harmful rays and from burning

 Compact Design: 

It is highly moveable due to its compact design and well-constructed bag pack. Therefore, not only you can use it inside the hospital, but also outside the hospital.

 For Arteries: 

For getting the exact position and analyze the right condition of pulses place the light exactly over the wrist area.

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 10.   Vein lite LEDX Vein Finder – Adult Trans illuminator

No products found.

  • Large area of opening
  • Widespread opening
  • Powerful illuminator
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Powerful battery
  • Adjustable color
  • A little bit expensive

The Vein lite LEDX a powerful and best vein detector, locator and finder that operates well on all people of color, the obese and adults. Its powerful and bright illuminator glares with 8 red-tinted and 24 orange-tinted and their combined impact creates a powerful vein observing system.

Further, Vein lite LEDX powerful battery makes it durable and comfortable for a long time. Therefore, you do not need to replace the battery again and again. The rechargeable battery provides an easy working mechanism. Lastly, for the safety, it gives 50 dispose of protective covers.

Product Details:

  • Package Dimensions:                9.7 x 6.9 x 2.2 inches
  • Item Weight:                            1.35 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:                      1.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer:                           Vein lite

Key Features:

 Quality image: 

It operates beautifully for dark skins and obese people.

 Depth detection: 

Bright light helps to get improves imaging of different veins.


32 LEDs give perfect illumination for getting a clear image at the skin of your surfaces

 Rechargeable battery: 

The rechargeable battery makes it dual functioned vein finders. Also due to long-lasting battery, you can use it easily in either indoor or outdoor activity.

For getting more information about this product, visit the following link.

Different Types of Vein Finders

There are three major types of vein finders: active, passive, and Ultra vein finders. The only difference between them is the way they highlight the vein position to the eyes. However, both are very good at working in their place. So, it depends upon you which one you choose for your patients. Before purchasing, it is mandatory to tell you briefly about each type.

  • Passive Vein Finders:

The only reason they are called passive ones because they do not need any battery to work. Mostly, they are manufactured in the form of eyeglasses that get resemblance to sunglasses. They are available in the form of vein finder glasses.


They are small in size, light in weight, and easy to access due to their portable size. They also work as sunglasses and UV protectors. But their major purpose is vein enhancement.

  • Active Vein Finders:

The most popular vein finders are active vein finders. The only difference between passive and active vein finders is the power source. Active vein finders require a power source o operate either in the form of a rechargeable battery or in the form of electricity.


They use infrared light to point out the position of the vein at the surface of the skin. However, one thing you have to put in mind, they work better in dark places. Because of their different modes and features, they are preferred by medical professionals.

Now lets’ discuss their different types.

  • Smart vein finders
  • Vein finder App
  • UV light Vein finder
  • Infrared vein finder
  • IV vein finder
  • Portable vein finder

These active vein finders work in the same way almost but their specifications are different from one another.

  • Ultra-sound vein finders:

This type resembles a normal ultrasound machine. They are mostly used by medical professionals. Because they are more powerful than passive and active vein finders, so it is not easy to carry them outside of the hospital.

 Key Features:

They do not only show the vein’s position but also they show organs and tissues and problems related to them as well. Further, they are also helpful in determining the damaging part of the body.

We have included both types of vein finders in the above-mentioned list of best vein finders for nurses. So choose such a vein finder that suits your working conditions and helps you to raise your success to the next level.

So, after getting information about all types and their features, it is also important for you to know how to choose the best Vein finders. What are the things you should keep in mind while purchasing? So here are some suggestions to consider during purchasing.

Which type is most suitable?

Vein finders are available in three different types which are active, passive, and ultrasound. If you are a traveling nurse then go for passive ones. Similarly, if you have to work inside the hospital then you should choose the active Vein finders. Lastly, if you are a medical professional then you must buy the ultrasound Vein finders.

The specifications you should keep in mind:

Make sure all the standard specifications in a Vein finder before purchasing it. Usually, a standard Vein finder has different working modes, strong LEDs, a quality illuminator, and finally a rechargeable battery. So, first, always check these specifications, and then later you should purchase the Vein finder.

How to Choose the Right and Productive Vein Finder

Read the following points carefully so that you get enough information to choose the best Vein finders in your equipment list.

 Level of Portability: 

You should check first the level of portability of Vein finder and your working environments. If you work only in your hospital, then you will not need to have the well portable or lightweight Vein finders. But if you are a traveling doctor or nurse then you should choose a lightweight and portable one. There are many handheld Vein finders are available in the market. And we have also included well portable equipment in our list.

 Patient Groups: 

There is a certain Vein finder for a certain group of patients. However, many Vein finders are available that work easily for various groups at the same time. But if you have done specialization in a certain group, then you should choose the right one which supports your specialization very well.

Easy to Choose: Patient Groups: 

Finding the vein position and puncturing a vein are two tough tasks for medical personnel. The situation becomes even worse when you have to find the problematic part of the vein alongside the vein’s position. So always choose a vein finder that is smooth and light in use. Only a single power button requires you to turn them on and turn them off.

Price: Patient Groups: 

Money is important for buying a quality product. The more you invest, the more you get the quality. However, you should check your budget before buying a product. Therefore, you do not waste your time on such a product that is beyond the limit of your budget. Time is money. So save it with the help of proper planning and information.

Working environment: Patient Groups: 

Working environments is also important in purchasing a good Vein finder. If your workplace is bright then you should go for passive Vein finders. On the other, hand if it is dark then you must purchase active Vein finders.

Now, let’s discuss the frequently asked questions that come into people’s minds before purchasing any product.


How long a stethoscope goes on?

A vein finder is equipment that is used to find the Vein position and problems related to the veins.

What kind of light does a Vein finder use?

A vein finder uses Near-Infrared (NIR) bright light for better imaging of detecting veins.

What is your main vein?

The venae cava is the largest and main vein of the body that carries blood from the body to the heart.

How does a vein finder work?

Vein finders use infrared light to produce an image and then project it at the surface of the skin.

What is the most preferable type of Vein finder?

Active vein finders are mostly recommended by medical professionals.

Final Verdict:

Anxious persons who have complex veins feel greatly relieved after seeing a vein finder in the hands of the caregiver. Though you are doing your work efficiently for several years, yet still this task is so tough and dangerous because a lot of pain is involved in it. So, in these scenarios, a vein finder is like a blessing in disguise. In the end, all the products in the above-mentioned list have taken after a professional research work.

Further, to increase their worth, we also verified their worth from medical professionals. Lastly, all the products have their worth and specifications that make them unique, if I have to choose one among them, Vivo light Infrared Vein Finder- with floor stand is an amazing one. It is very easy to access and delivers the best possible results even in complicated cases.

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