11 Best Stethoscopes for Nurses 2021 | Reviews And Buyers Guide

Best stethoscope in the nursing field is like a blessing in disguise, So, Lets review Best Stethoscope for Nurses . A stethoscope is a key equipment in the medical profession. As being a medical person especially a nurse, the services you perform always will not depend on your expertise, but also on the perfectness and quality of the instruments you use.Similarly, the best stethoscope able you to deliver one of the most important tasks like examining the heartbeats, auscultation, blood vessels, and pressure and abdominal and thoracic organs.So always be wise while choosing a stethoscope and make the appropriate decisions.

Best Stethoscope for Nurses

As said earlier, a stethoscope has importance in the medical field as a jugular vein has in the human body. But if this vain has a problem then the whole body cannot work well. Similarly, if you do not have the best stethoscope then you cannot diagnose well the auscultation, blood pressure, heartbeats, and other organs’ sound.

Think about it; because spending money on the wrong things is like you are sitting at the back of the wrong horse. If you are sitting at the back of the wrong horse then it is definite that you cannot earn success.

In this review, we are providing you the collection of best stethoscopes for nursing students with complete guidance and information.

Best Stethoscope for Nurses Comparison Table 2020



MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight ????? Check Latest


3M Littmann Cardiology IV ????? Check Latest


MDF Rose Gold MD One ????? Check Latest


Omron Sprague Rappaport ????? Check Latest


3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E ????? Check Latest


3M Littmann Classic III ????? Check Latest


ADC Adscope 615 Platinum ????? Check Latest


ADC Adscope Lite 612 ????? Check Latest


Specialist – Single Head Cardiac ????? Check Latest


Vive Precision Dualhead ????? Check Latest


EMT Medical Stethoscope ????? Check Latest

Best Stethoscope for Nurses Reviews (Updated List)

1. MDF Acoustic – Dual Head Stethoscope

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  • Lightweight and convenient.
  • High-quality sound
  • Maximum durability
  • Dual headed chest piece and 3 various sizes of earpiece
  • Adjustable size and sound quality
  • Long size tube
  • Little bit expensive

MDF Stethoscope is handcrafted and worked since 1971. Due to its standard product, it offers a lifetime warranty with some free-parts for life programs. The MDF Acoustica Deluxe Is extremely lightweight and durable with the best engineering design of 23 different colors. What makes it different from other stethoscopes and ideal for you are the following things. Read them carefully.

Besides the lightweight it has non-chilling rim. Non-chilling rim turns its head to its axis very easily. Further, it has 3 different sizes earpiece that ensure the comfort ability according to the desire of users.The quality aluminum dual-head chest piece is accurately designed for higher proficiency.To sum up, the things which make it more feasible are 360-degree rotatory acoustic valve stem to identify the sound, the large and crowned small non-chill bell which differentiates the intensity of different sounds.

Lastly, metal-alloy located in tubing allows maximum space for transmission of sounds to the headset and ultra-sensitive earpiece diaphragm detects the sounds in a good way. To sum, the stethoscope has a long, flexible and high-quality tube which not only gives extra space to nurses but also creates an easy checking mechanism

Things are not done yet, we have a lot more about this product. Let’s start its key features.


Product Dimensions:                                     9.5 x 5 x 1.6 inches; 4.5 ounces

Shipping Weight:                                            9.1 ounces

Manufacturing standard                               Handmade

Color                                                                  various color

Stethoscope for Nurses

Key features
 All-dimensional Lightweight and comfortable: 

At 4.96 ounces lightweight stethoscope ensures you high comfortability even in long shifts. It has durable quality material of aluminum metal alloy, convenient in use due to long and high-quality tube, and3 pairs of earpiece with a highly sensitive diaphragm. This stuff makes it the best stethoscope for nurses at affordable prices.

 Extremely superior sound: 

Digital technology in it produces high-quality sound due to having a dual-headed chest piece, long and wide tube which allows maximum space for transmission of sound, extremely sensitive diaphragm. In a nutshell MDF Stethoscope offers perfect auscultation of heart, knockoff and lung sounds.

 Unique in style: 

Special thing which makes it unique is its availability in 17 different colors with extra choice of choosing chest piece and handset from 7 different colors and 3 various sizes earpiece. You can change Acoustica XP to your own Acoustica XP from choosing your desire combination

 Compact Design: 

Hand polished, chrome-plated, pre-angled and dual headset and chest piece with beautiful color combinations make it perfect in design. Further, the brass headset has an internal dual-leaf spring for durability.

 For your life: 

It is trusted since 197 and offers a lifetime warranty and some free parts for life-programs. Overall, we can say that it is here to keep your life safe.

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2. 3M Littman Cardiology IV – Diagnostic Stethoscope

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  • Easy to use by the capability of its adjustable equipment
  • Greater sound quality gives maximum output
  • Maximum space to work by its long tube
  •  Tunable features may not work properly after 7 years

3M Littmann Cardiology IV is the best stethoscope for nurses in tough environments with standard finish chest piece, stainless stem and headset, and Black tube.

Her stainless steel chest piece with the tunable feature and quality diaphragm helps you to detect the sounds confidently in critical conditions where the recognition of a sound among various disturbing sounds is too difficult.Further its lifelong dual lumen tube, right to fit earpieces and adjustable bell to differentiate the high and low frequencies increase the productivity and comfort level both for nurses and patients.

Most importantly, the Ergonomic design with standard material makes it sturdy and adjustable according to the desire.

So, refined, compact and sturdy stethoscope built to ensure you that you can isolate the various sounds even in tough working conditions like ICU, ED and other conditions very easily.

Wearing this beautiful stethoscope shows your commitment and determination with your profession and gives you standard and success.


Color                                                                       Black Tube, Stainless Stem

Acoustic Performance                                          9

Ideal for                                                                  Cardiology/High Performance

Chest piece Design/ Material                             Double-Sided/Machined Stainless Steel

Available Color/Finishes                                     9 Colors/ 7 Finishes

Diaphragm –                                                           Tunable:

Tube Design                                                           Dual Lumen Tubing

Weight/Length                                                      167, 177 grams Available in 22” / 56cm and 27” / 69cm

Exterior Finish                                                       Stainless-steel

Key Features

Her specific features assist you to get the productive results.

 Better audibility: 

Double lumen tube, adjustable bell to differentiate the sounds, right to fit earpieces with tunable diaphragms st the best circumstances for nurses to recognize the desire sounds very easily.

 Easy differentiation: 

Tunable diaphragm helps you to differentiate the high frequencies and low frequencies of lungs, heart and many more easily even in noisy conditions.

 Maximum productivity: 

The dual-lumen tube gives you maximum accuracy in diagnosing the diseases by merging two paths of sounds in one tube and eliminates the noise in a maximum way than ordinary double tubes.

 Standard material: 

Quality tube increases its resistance to alcohol, skin oils and stains.

 Easily adjustable: 

Tunable chest piece ensures to detect the sounds easily by simply varying the pressure on the chest piece. Similarly, by varying the size of head size and pulling apart or towards the ear tubes you can easily adjust its size according to your head size. Further non-chill rim gives comfort to the nurses as well as patients.

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope gives passion to your profession. Without wasting any time and click on the link.

3. MDF Rose Gold Stethoscope – lock-in system

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  • Convenient and comfortable and safe in use
  • Productivity with style
  • Dual function of every device
  • High-quality material and ergonomically designed
  • Highly durable
  • Lifetime warranty and free lifetime parts
  • At affordable prices
  • expensive

MDF Rose Gold Rose Stethoscope has a highly workable importance and manufactures with an elegant rose-gold white tubing design to enhance your outlook with maximum output and comfort.This equipment has outstanding features that increase its worth and demands.It is available with free parts and lifetime guarantee.

While as a matter of its importance it works accurately while observing sounds of heart, lung and the cuff clearly and enhance your observation standard.Further, the handcrafted chest piece is designed perfectly with 360-degree rotary valves and ultra-sensitive diaphragm equipped with a non-chill retaining ring that assures the secure transmission of sounds and to identify the sounds actively.

Its earpieces are easily cleanable and for proper fitting; they are available in 3 sizes.Its ergonomically designed headset has spring to maintain comfort and durability levels to ensure safety.

Lastly, the latex-free PVC and non-stick tubing gives complete insulation and safe way of transmission to sounds from the chest piece to earpieces. It’s longer size provide extra space between the checker and patient.

MDF Rose Gold is a device that ensures style, quality, and facilities single-handedly.


Item Weight                                     7 ounces

Color                                                   Rose Gold- White

Exterior Finish                                 Stainless-steel

Chest piece Design                          Dual sided

Tube size                                            PVC extra long

Headpiece mechanism                    Locking

Material Type                                   Aluminum

Warranty                                          Lifetime

Key Features

The following key features make it unique and important from other stethoscopes.

 Designed to perform with style: 

The rose gold stethoscope is not only made for fashion and beauty but also it is extremely workable and among the top of class stethoscopes. Filled with luxuries, the stethoscope delivers clear sounds from different parts of the body.

All the types of equipment which are used to manufacturing it and their works as mentioned above make it a productive stethoscope in the world among others of its class.

 Dual-head chest piece bringing two facilities in one option: 

To mitigate the possibilities of confusion MDF has offered you a dual-purpose devices in its products.Like to differentiate the low and high frequencies of sounds that produce different parts of the body, you can use the dual nature chess piece. For low frequencies the outer part is useful and similarly for the high-frequency inner part is useful.

 Comfortable and safe in use: 

Its long PVC tube and non-chill rim with 360-degree rotary facility to chest and earpiece make it comfortable and convenient in use.

Further the facility of lock-in headset and pre-designed angle built safety zone from injuries in your ear or head.

If you are looking stylish and workable stethoscope then MDF rose gold stethoscope is the best one for you especially for nurses of modern times. So click on the link and get this miracle product.

4. Omron Black Stethoscope- latex-free PVC tubing

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  • Comfortable
  • Highly productive
  • 5 usage
  • Vinyl storage
  • Chrome plated
  • Latex-free
  • At affordable prices:
  • A bit heavier

Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is a 5 in 1 multipurpose and is designed for comfortability and flexibility with accurate sound detection devices. The stethoscope comes with classic design and productivity at affordable prices.

While talking about its materials and their facilities then following things come in first.

Chrome-plated dual-head chest piece which detects the sounds very easily. Further, due to its dual it is highly useful to detect the low and high-frequency sounds.

Secondly, Latex FREE PVC tubing provides an extra space to transform the sound from the chest piece to the ear tips. Further, its strong insulation keeps the sounds of different parts body separate from other sounds. In other words it does not allow the external noise to intermingle with the diagnostic sound.

Further, it has also extra parts: 3 various sizes of open bell, 2 earpieces and 2 diaphragms.Lastly, Omron Sprague is a low budget product with amazing results.


Product Dimensions:                           9.5 x 4.8 x 1.8 inches; 1.54 pounds

Shipping Weight:                                11.2 ounces

Color:                                                     Black or Dark Blue

Includes:                                               Vinyl Storage Case, Two Ear tips, Three Sizes of

Open Bells,                                           Two Diaphragm

Useful for                                             Adult and kids

Key Features

 Convenient and comfortable: 

With tunable and chest piece and locking mechanism of headset you can easily set it to your requirements. Further long tubing gives you softness and more space to check the patients comfortably.

 Two functions in one piece: 

The dual nature of the chest piece with its smaller and larger diaphragms helps you to identify and observes the sounds easily. The outer diaphragm is used to detect low frequencies and the inner larger one is used for high frequencies of sounds.

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5. 3M Littmann II S.E Stethoscope – Lightweight

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  • Lightweight and highly convenient
  •  Adjustable mechanism easy assessment.
  •  Automatically fit headset keeps you safe from injury.
  •  Works with Modern technology
  • At affordable prices
  •  Headset may not suit for the size head.

3M Littmann is a lightest and simplest stethoscope with tunable diaphragm and open bell and dual-sided chest piece. Moreover, the teardrop_ shape of the chest piece makes the process of knowing blood pressure cuffs and tidying it around bandages.This stethoscope provides an easy way to check out the blood pressure of patients. Its weight is only 118 grams which makes it lightest among all the adult ones.

While talking about the instruments it has a dual-sided chest piece, a tunable diaphragm and an adjustable headset. Overall to say, it is the best stethoscope for nursing students.If discussing tubing and headset, then it has a flexible tube that can maintain its shape after folding it a long time even in a pocket.

Further, you can easily set the headset according to your head size by pulling apart or towards its ear tubes.This Littmann stethoscope is manufactured in the USA while keeping standard quality in mind.


Brand Name                                                        3M Littmann

Color                                                                     Black

Item weight                                                         8.5 ounces

Length                                                                  28 inches

Design                                                                  Chest piece

Material                                                               Double-Sided/ Metal and Resin Composite

Ideal for                                                               Blood Pressure and Physical Assessment

Warranty                                                                 2 Years

Key Features

 Quality sounds: 

A tunable diaphragm (a 3M invention) gives you quality sounds by adjusting the pressure on the chest piece. Also, you can hear easily the low frequency sounds and high frequency sounds by light pressure or producing high pressure holding it tightly.

 Convenient and flexible

Its flexible tube maintains its shape due to high-quality latex-free

Rubber. Further, you can easily set the headset by pulling adjusting its ear tubes according to your size to mitigate the irritation.  Right to fit and soft ear tips give you comfort and quality sounds.

 Modern design

Littman’s teardrop design ensures the comfort ability and fits it ideally to check out the blood pressure cuff.

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6. 3M Littmann Classic III – Monitoring Stethoscope

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  • Dual usage
  • For both professionals and learning students
  • Lightweight and durable
  • With versatile tools
  • At affordable prices
  • Shorter in length

The Littmann Classic III is the best stethoscope for the clinical checking of children to adults. It gives perfect durability and sounds quality. With its unique features and modern design, it completes your profession with success.Due to its lightweight, it gives you maximum comfort and proficiency.

It offers a two-sided chest piece with built-in tunable diaphragms which helps you to hear low as well as high-frequency sounds. It is not only for professionals but also for teaching students who can use it easily to monitor different parts of the body.

Adjustable headset, soft and snap-tight headphones and high-quality 5th generation tubing make it a perfect stethoscope for nursing students.


Product Dimensions:                           12.7 x 6.6 x 1.7 inches; 3.52 ounces

Item Weight                                           5.3 ounces

Color                                                        Black Tube

Length                                                      27 inches

Chest piece Design/Materia               Double Sided/Machined Stainless Steel

Ideal for                                                  Nurses and Nursing Student

Warranty                                               5 yr manufacturers

Key features

Its unique features help you to know more about its qualities.

 Tunable diaphragm 

Tunable diaphragm helps you to diagnose the problems in adults as well as Patients.  This also helps you to hear different frequencies which are Produced by different parts of the body.

 Pediatric side: 

It can be converted easily from infant’s stethoscope to adult by opening

Bell. Adjust non-chill rim on the place of the single diaphragm to monitor accurately the sounds in an easy way.

 Single-piece diaphragm

It is a quality piece that can be easily adjusted and clean because of the smooth surface.

 Open Bell: 

Open bell gives you a clear sound and is protected by a small diaphragm. So you can easily hear sounds in noisy conditions.

 Quality tubing

The quality tube is highly resistant to oils and alcohol and increases its durability.

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No products found.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Multicolor combinations
  • Latest gasketed technique
  • Quality acoustics sounds
  • Extra pieces
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • At affordable prices
  • No drawback
  • Specifications

The ADC Ad scope 615 captures the sounds of bell and diaphragm in a complete, and convenient way in a single-sided chest piece. The sturdy and compact design and adjustable technology (AFD) helps you to change the diaphragm setting to raise both frequencies action.Its chest piece is manufactured in an egg shape with a stylish stain which is the result of zinc alloy plating. CNC precision mechanism enhances the sound performance and comfort ability of the device.

The ADC has used dual leaf spring in the headset which is fixed at a 15-degree angle to enhance the comfort level. Also it has Ad soft PVC earpieces in various sizes for the right to fit wearing and comfort.Finally, the brand in itself is a quality and it provides extra free parts and lifetime warranty.  ADC has introduced the new technology of gasketed diaphragm that helps it to detect multi-response by varying the pressure.


Product Dimensions                            12.8 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight                                        12 ounces

Colors                                                  9 colors

Chest piece Type                                 AFD Technology

Tubing Length                                    21″

Ideal for chest, lungs, heart, etc.

Scope Warranty:                                 Lifetime

Key Features

ADC Platinum works differently than other stethoscopes. To know more about it lets check its key features.

 Best design with the finest quality: 

ADC platinum is made of quality materials with an unfavorably commitment and durability. It offers unique features that do not exist anywhere else like gasket-sealed chest piece, silicone ear tips, and adjustable mechanism make it unique and workable.

 Rigorous quality and control mechanism: 

Gauge durable machines, valve and bladder leak test machines and thermometers both increase its quality not only at national but also at the international level.

ADC also does not compromise on its quality, it’s all products are certified from ISO.


Stainless steel bin-aural, dual leaf spring system in the headset and long tube makes it comfortable in use while keeping the necessary distance between patients and nurses.

 Extra Accessory: 

It offers you extra equipment with 2 pairs of Ad soft earpieces.

 Multiple Colors and Finishes: 

It is available in multiple colors and designs that fit you well. Select from two different kinds of stainless or tactical machines with 9 different tubing colors.

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8. ADC Ad scope 603 Stethoscope – Clinical stethoscope

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  • Easy to use
  • Available in multi color
  • Standard material
  • Highly durable.
  • lifetime warranty
  • Headset is heavier

If you are looking for a stethoscope at suitable prices with standard qualities then ADC Ad scope 603 is the best stethoscope. It contains well acoustic performance with outstanding durability and AFD technology that gives you quality sounds.This dual head stethoscope gives you extract observation of different frequencies with a large bell and ultrasensitive diaphragm for low and high-intensity sounds.

Abide with standard qualities it also cares for patients and nurses comfort with non-chill bell and retaining diaphragm rims. Further yoke molded and flexible headset with 22 PVC tube and stainless steel ear tube built-in fix angle of 15 increase quality, performance and safety.

It offers you an extra accessory kit and 2 pairs of ear tips. As earlier I said, it is available in cheap prices but it does not compromise on quality. Because ADC offers a lifetime warranty.

Now, let’s take a bird eye view of its key features.


Brand Name                              ADC

Color                                           Black

Exterior                                       Finish  satin

Item weight                                t 3.53 ounces

Chest piece Type                       Combination

Chest piece Material                 Stainless

Diaphragm Diameter                 1 3/4″

Headset Type                             Clinician

Total Weight                               5.8 oz

Colors and Finishes                 Tactical finish with black tubing, copper finish with black tubing, or

Stainless finish with one of the twenty-two tubing colors.

Key Features

 Outstanding sound quality

AFD technology, CNC precision and stainless steel provide you clear and standard quality of sound in noisy conditions. To remove your confusion in low and high frequencies sounds. Its dual-head chest piece presents a bell for low frequencies and a diaphragm for high frequencies so that you can differentiate them easily.

 High comfort

Ergonomically designed stethoscope ensures your comfort in its priority. Dual spring and locking mechanism of the headset and soft ear tips provide the comfort and convenient way to use. Further non-chill diaphragm and bell rims also take care of the patient’s comfort and safety.

 Durable construction: 

Stainless steel, high-quality PVC tube, dual leaf spring in the headset and aluminum binaurally assuring a lifetime warranty to its users.

 Multiple colors: 

To raise your confidence and style in your profession by picking up the various color Stethoscope.

If you cannot afford an expensive stethoscope, then you must go for this cheaper stethoscope with all standard qualities.

9. Cardiac Quality Steel Stethoscope – Single Head Specialist

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  • Highly comfortable
  • Flexible and durable
  • At affordable prices
  • 3 years warranty and 30 days money-back assurance
  • Ear tubes are heavy

Kila offers you a casual stethoscope with incredible features at affordable prices.This single head cardiac quality stethoscope is very useful for normal routine work with lightweight and ultra-sensitive chest piece.Its quality diaphragm, thick tube and stainless steel ear tubes provide you sound quality with clarity.

Though it is a cheaper and single-headed chesptiece stethoscope, but also it cares about your comfort.It includes a single-layer membrane, soft ear tips and flexibility in ear tubes which provide you comfort and quality.


Product Dimensions:               13 x 6 x 2 inches

Color                                                   Black

Exterior Finish                                    stainless-steel

Size                                                     Model 970 Classic

Ideal for                                              cardiology purpose

Warranty                                             3-years with 30-days money-back guarantee

Key Features

 Single membrane: 

Its single membrane is highly useful for cardiology purposes. You can use it easily in-home or any domestic environment.

 Quality sound: 

Thick tube, ultra-sensitive diaphragm and soft earpieces give you accurate sound in tough working conditions like emergency case casual place.


Premium quality materials including stainless ear tubes, soft earpieces, and thick PVC tube make it highly durable.

So, click on the link and enjoy the standard features with simple design.

10. Vive Precision Stethoscope – Patient Stethoscope

No products found.

  • Lightweight
  • high -quality sounds
  • Reduce noise
  • Convenient and durable
  • At affordable price
  • Tube is little flexible
  • Earpiece may become tight with time

Vive precision stethoscope is a good deal item that suits you in every condition and increases your success rate in your profession.Let’s discuss what makes it the best stethoscope for you.Firstly, the dual-headed chest piece helps you to either use its bell side or diaphragm side.Most importantly, its diaphragm can move at 180 degrees.

While talking about performance, ultra-sensitive dual-head chest piece, thick PVC tube and soft earpieces transform the voice accurately from the chest piece to the ears.Further, it is easy to use and comfortable because it has spring in ear tubes and flexible long tube which creates extra space between patients and the checker.

So, overall we can say that it is a highly useful and lightweight stethoscope with a 2-year guarantee and a box to keep safe types of equipment.


Shipping Weight:                      12 ounces

Item model number:                 BD24563

Size                                               Standard

Color                                            Black

Warranty                                    2-years

Key Features

 Dual Head Chest Piece: 

The dual side helps you to use either one form the bell side or diaphragm side. Further it can move at an angle of 180-degree. So only 1 can be used at one time.

 Highly productive: 

It produces high quality and clear sounds because of its detecting capability of low and high frequency. Further high-quality PVC tube and ear tips reduce noise to give you calm situations while examining.

 Lightweight and durable: 

High-quality stainless steel ear tubes, flexible PVC tube and soft earpiece increase its durability.

 Patient comfort: 

Non-chill rings give easy examining experience in a seasonal atmosphere because it is tough to bear hot or cold metal on bare skin.

Go and get the best stethoscope of your all-time.

11. EMT Medical Stethoscope – Cardiology stethoscope

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  • Snake-shape modern design
  • Lightweight and convenient in use
  • Productive in producing quality sound
  • Additional amplification facility
  • 100% quality material
  • Specially made for nursing students
  • At affordable price
  • Sound tube is small in size

If you are a nursing student or beginner and want to get a standard stethoscope at an affordable budget then you must for this snake-shaped machine.EMT is a medical cardiology single-headed stethoscope for the clinical nurses.

This stethoscope is made up of auscultation head, ear hook and sound tube which assist you to get the sound and amplify the sounds from different parts or internal organs of a human body.Further stainless steel ear tubes and handcrafted PVC chest piece and soft latex-free tube make it highly durable,

Due to its perfect sound capability it is specially designed for nurses and beginner students at affordable prices.


Condition:                                   100% brand new Material

Color                                            Black

Part Number                              ZRCAN-B07JF891GC

Chest piece material                Zinc-coated material

Tube Type                                 Sound tube

Ideal for                                    Nurses

Package list: 1 × Stethoscope 4 × Spare Earplugs

Key Features

 Single head chest piece: 

Snake-shape single head chest piece with extremely sensitive diaphragms produces the quality sound from different organs of the body.

 Highly durable: 

PVC tube, stainless steel ear tubes and zinc plated chest piece and soft tight earpieces make it highly durable and flexible for a long time.

 Highly productive: 

Head is firmly attached with a PVC sound tube to reduce the possibility of sound leakage. Further sound tube amplifies the sound to produce more accurate results.

Things to know before buying a Best Stethoscope

If you are a new or old one and want to buy a stethoscope; you just need to know a lot about the necessary things that make it best for you.  A stethoscope is a blessing for nurses to get the right information about the diseases and problems in the organs of the human body.

So, look before you leap and pay your attention to the following key points. So that you can buy a good one instead of wasting your money on ordinary devices.

  • The Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are a necessary part of a stethoscope which not provide you only sound inaccurate way but also gives you comfort and durability for a long time. Therefore, stainless steel ear tubes are the best to fulfill all these needs. So, while purchasing a stethoscope, always go for a stethoscope that has stainless steel ear tubes.

  • Earphones or ear tips

Comfort ability is a key to success in every field and matter. Because nursing is a profession where you have to listen to the sound carefully for perfect diagnosing the sound between different sounds of different parts of the body. Because every organ produce different sound.

In this circumstance, earphones play an important role in providing you clear sound as well as provide your comfort. Therefore, always go for the stethoscope which has soft tips.Because the stethoscope which has hard ear tips, gives you more irritation than comfort and success.

  • Chest Piece

Every device has an instrument that maintains its importance as a backbone. Similarly chest piece is a backbone in the stethoscope. First of all we know about the importance of chest piece.Chest piece is an initial part of a stethoscope which gives you what you want form patients. If the chest piece does not work properly and does not give you the right sounds or information then you can’t detect any problem.

Secondly, every organ of the human body produces different sounds. To identify the sound among low and high frequencies is a tough work.But don’t worry here I give you the solution, always choose a stethoscope which has a dual-sided chest piece, extra-large bell and ultrasensitive diaphragm and also a tunable facility.

  • Tube length and width

While examining a patient, you have mostly extract or stretch your arms according to conditions.So, always buy a laptop that has an extra-long tube to give you maximum comfort and space between you and patients. In this matter, the standard length is usually about your arms size.Secondly, width size is also matters because a more space needs to sound from going one ends to another.

  • Quality and weight

As being a nurse, you must put a stethoscope around your neck most of the day.So, in this scenario a heavy thing causes a lot of problems like pain in the neck or creating spots.So to avoid this problem you should buy a stethoscope which has lightweight.

Secondly, if you are living in a hand to mouth condition then it is tough for you to buy a thing again and again. And according to your profession of nursing, a stethoscope is an utmost important equipment.

Here we also guide you that what are the things about quality you should put in mind before buying a laptop. First of all, its chess piece is made up of zinc or aluminum and it must have non-chilling rims. Secondly, its tubing must be manufactured with PVC latex-free material.

Thirdly, ear tubes must be of stainless steel. And lastly ear tips are designed with a soft rubber.

So these are some key points which help you to get the best stethoscope for your success and profession.

As earlier, we have claimed that we will provide you complete information about the best stethoscope for nurses.  After telling you a buying guide we also tell you about the different types of stethoscope and their works. So that you can easily purchase your desire stethoscope.

Different types of Stethoscope

As earlier I have told, a stethoscope is a key equipment in the medical profession. In this digital world and the appearance of new diseases, your skills and qualifications do not give you benefits completely. It is obvious that in this scenario your success will not only depend on your skills only but also your equipment.

There a stethoscope performs the most important tasks in the medical profession like examining the blood vessels and their pressure, thoracic organs, heartbeats, etc.

Now it is a surprising point that when every stethoscope looks the same physically than how a difference can exist in their performance and working ability. However, followings are the different types of stethoscopes and everyone has its functions.

  • Cardiology Stethoscopes: good for observing heartbeats
  • Infant stethoscope:  for heart and other sounds and especially for infants
  • Neonatal stethoscope: for newborn babies
  • Pediatric stethoscope: physically examines the sick children
  • Electronic stethoscope: useful for faint, pulmonary or the cardiac sounds
  • Teaching stethoscope:  Mostly used for teaching purpose

Frequently asked Questions

How long a stethoscope goes on?

The average reign of a stethoscope is almost 2 years. After it, it cannot give you result productively. So try to change your stethoscope after every two years.

How do I protect my stethoscope from tubing?

To keep your stethoscope safe from oil and water always use “Armor ALL”.

How do you use a double sides stethoscopes?

Open the side-bell or diaphragm by moving the chest piece. You cannot use both at once. First, put one side of and then other us.

How do I select the best stethoscope online?

To buy a stethoscope online you must check the rating, reviews and product description.


To conclude, your success always does not depend upon your skills; however it also depends upon your equipment if you are belonging from medical fields. A stethoscope is like a jugular vein in this profession. Therefore, for your success and your expertise you always need the best equipment that gives your accurate results. Keep Visiting NursingOn.Com


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